Welcome to  Forests in Settled & Urbanized Landscapes Applied Science & Research aimed at supporting and informing conservation, management, planning and restoration of forests across different spatial scales – from single trees to entire landscapes.

Our since and research  covers a range of  forests across urban-rural continuum, whose past we try to understand so we can comprehend the present and foresee  their future. We quantify, measure, and asses forests & landscapes using diverse methods and tools, while engaging, collaborating and supporting our partners and arming them with scientific knowledge and facts to take management action and make inform decisions.


 Depending where we live and what surrounds us, we might perceive forests as larger green swaths spanning entire landscapes, woodlots within an urban-agricultural matrix, trees shading our streets and cities, or some combination of these.

Green Systems Woodlands Single Trees
Natural Forest Remnants Plantations , Novel Ecosystems Urban Forest

Taking Action

Landscape and land use planning Spatial Conservation Planning Spatial  Restoration Planning
Forest & Landscape Restoration Adaptive management Inform decisions

Methods and Tools

Inventory & Monitoring Predictive Modeling & Mapping Spatial Analysis

Knowing the past, understanding the present, plan for the future

Historical  and Pre-settlement 
Landscapes & Forests

Landscapes & Forests
Landscapes & Forests

 Quantify, measure,  and asses Forests & Landscapes

Ecological Goods & Services Vulnerability and Risks Tresholds and Resilience

Engage, Collaborate and Support

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