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Plant Identification Resources

Proper plant identification is an integral part of Vegetation Sampling Protocol, yet the topic remains challenging for VSP crews from year to year. There are several different resources available to crews to aid in proper plant identification.

General Tips and Guidelines - Click for PDF version

Do not assume identification. Even if you think you are sure, it is easy to misidentify many seemingly similar species (e.g. Green vs. White Ash). These mistakes become apparent once data analysis begins and species are cross referenced with others found in the same plot. Take time to do plant identification right the first time.

VSP Facebook Group (Click Here)
Members post photos of unknown and/or known plants:
    o   Overall growth form
    o   Close-up of fine features
    o   Flower or flowering head if present

Trusted Online Resources:

Go Botany - New England Wild Flower Society (Click Here)

Ontario Wildflowers (Click Here)