First, choose the allometric formula (above) that you want to view, then choose the desired product from the right.

Referencing the map poduct and / or a map

A specific map (e.g. above-ground biomass, root biomass, or above-ground carbon, etc.)  should be referenced along with one of three allometric formulas used to create that data set (e.g. Lambert et al., 2005, Jenkins et al., 2003, or Ter-Mikaelian and Korzukhin, 1997). 

A specific data product within this document should be referenced as follows:

Puric-Mladenovic, D. and Clark, G. 2010. (Product), (Allometric formula)Predictive modeling and mapping of biomass and carbon for Eco-district  6e14. Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto.

The  project was done as a partnership between the Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

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