Lake Simcoe Watershed Natural Vegetation Cover Monitoring Program
photo credit: S. Melamed 2013

Site Access Permission Form

Lake Simcoe Natural Cover Monitoring Program

  • Will you allow one to two crews (a maximum of four Field Research Assistants) from the University of Toronto's Faculty of Forestry, to visit your property in 2017?
    Yes, I wish to participate in this study No, I do not wish to participate in this study
  • Would you permit us to photograph or film the sampling site and plants on your property during this study?
    Yes No
  • Do you have any restrictions about data collected at your property?
    Yes No

    If yes, please specify:
  • Are there any safety hazards on your property such as livestock, dogs, bears, barbed wire/electric fences, poisonous plants etc. that the crew should know about?
    Yes No

    If yes, please specify:
  • Would you permit the placement of a ground-level marker (for future resampling) at the plot’s center? These stakes will be fully driven into the ground, and will not be visible or cause any damage.
    Yes No
  • Would you like the field crew to contact you first before accessing your property?
    Yes - Phone (Please provide below) Yes - Email (Please provide below) No
  • The final report will be sent to you (available early 2018), please indicate how you would like to receive it.
    Email (Please provide below) Mail (Please provide below)
  • Proper format "yyyy-mm-dd"
  • Proper format ""
  • Proper format "(000) 000-0000"
İLast update October 2016